Us vs. Them – Formulas

Although we are not your typical “energy shot” that comes in a little plastic bottle (thank goodness), Liquid Energy and Screamin Energy still fall into this particular category.  The main reason they do is simply that they offer a single serve, convenient package that has no refrigeration requirements and can be placed on the counter.  Other than that, we are much different than your typical “energy shot”.  In fact, Liquid Energy and Screamin Energy Max Hit offer a much more comprehensive energy formula than their competitors without adding everything, including the kitchen sink into the product.

Take a comparison look at the Nutrition Facts panels and you’ll see why we are superior: (click to enlarge)

Liquid Energy Screamin Energy 5 Hour Energy

Nutrition Facts Panel Comparison

Quickly,  you can see that our #1 competitor is attempting to sway your decision by over infusing their product with Vitamin B12, B6, Folic Acid as well as giving you a false sense of “energy” by dumping 150% of Vitamin B3 (Niacin) in an attempt to give you that “flush” feeling.  Just because you feel a “flushing” feeling in your face doesn’t mean your energy level has been boosted!  Liquid Energy and Screamin Energy only give you the proper amounts of these ingredients as well as some that the competition does not, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B6.

Caffeine is the main component of energy in all three products.  However, the competition only gives you about 90mg per serving.  This is approximately the amount found within a small cup of coffee.  Let’s face it.  Is that really going to help anyone get through the day or even just the afternoon for that matter?  Liquid Energy contains a generous 150mg of Caffeine, which is about the amount found within a full cup of premium blend coffee.  Screamin Energy Max Hit, our most potent offering, contains 185mg of Caffeine.  Because of the small amount of liquid that both Liquid Energy and Screamin Energy Max Hit contain per serving, your body is able to absorb the ingredients very quickly and use the product within seconds so you can get on with the important things you’ve got to do.

Finally, you can see that our competition uses some Artificial Flavors in their formula.  Do you really want to ingest anything artificial? Liquid Energy and Screamin Energy Max Hit only uses all natural flavor and color so you can feel comfortable about what you’re taking into the best thing you’ve got going for you.   Your body.    Liquid Energy and Screamin Energy Max Hit are coffee based energy products that have common sense flavors related to energy.

Do yourself a favor.  Next time you’ve got something important to do, don’t conform with the boring standard that TV says is right for you.  Think about what you’re really looking for in an energy product and grab either a Liquid Energy or Screamin Energy Max Hit and glide through your day.

You can find out more about our wonderful products at

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