Natural vs. Synthetic Vitamins

Recently, as you may know, the trend in America is to go “All Natural”.  Many people love the idea of eating natural whole foods, while some people may even just like the concept of natural products simply because it contains the word “natural”.  However, most people really don’t understand why they are more beneficial for you than a product that uses artificial ingredients.  If you are a person that truly cares about your health and the quality of things that you ingest, this will be a great introduction into why you should demand only natural vitamins to supplement your diet.  Why are natural vitamins better than synthetic?  This is a very common question that can offer a simple answer (it can also be very complicated and scientific).

When we refer to natural or whole food supplements, we’re speaking of products that contain the complex family of micro-nutrients(known and unknown) just as they are found in nature.  On the other hand, synthetic vitamins are isolated compounds created in a lab that do not contain the entire family of nutrients.  Most natural micro-nutrients are found in groups or families.  A good example is beta-carotene.  In nature, beta-carotene is part of a family of carotenoids.  Carrots and tomatoes contain carotenoids such as alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, cantozantheen, gamma-carotene, omega-carotene, etc.  While beta-carotene is a great antioxidant, so is alpha-carotene, omega-carotene and the rest of the carotenoid family.  When you take a synthetic form of beta-carotene you are missing out on the rest of the family of carotenoids (the unknowns) and all of their great antioxidant properties as well.

Like beta-carotene, the majority of micro-nutrients are found in complex groups. At Vital 4U we only use as many naturally derived vitamins as possible so that your body can get the most out of our products.  For more information about our products or to purchase some of our items go to our website at:

Vital 4U Vitamin Best Pack

Naturally Derived Multi-Vitamin From Vital 4U

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