Vital 4U T-Shirt Contest!

Here at Vital 4U we are proud to announce that our new T-SHIRT designs have come in. What would be the best way to celebrate this? Give one away of course! Below is the start and end date of the contest as well as the rules of entry and last but not least the winnings. GOOD LUCK!

  • Starts on Monday April 23rd
  • Ends on Friday April 27th


  • From Facebook tag our fan page in one of your wall posts which is simple to do just use the @Vital4U and a drop down box will appear, just click and we will be tagged creating a way for us to see your post and others to visit our page that haven’t had the chance to experience our wonderful world yet.
  • From Twitter its simple just @ mention us @Vital4U and if you want you can put some hash-tags in the tweet examples: #Vital4U #V4U or maybe hash-tag the product you enjoy most #Screaminenergy #liquidenergy #Vitalerotic ETC.
  • From Tumblr all you have to do is RE-BLOG this post, pretty simple right?
  • Any body from all social networking platforms can enter and can also enter multiple times but we would like for you to limit it to once a day, thats per site so if you are on all three networks nothing is stopping you from using that to your advantage( HINT HINT)
  • A winner will be chosen at random on Friday the 27th in the afternoon PST.


  • a $25 gift certificate to 
  • Your choice of one of the three T-Shirt designs (shown below) in sizes ranging from Large-Extra Extra Large both available in Black or White
Vital 4U T-shirts
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